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Paralegal Schools

Pralegal profession is an excellent career path that's financially rewarding, opens many doors for future advancements and that can be achieved without a traditional four year degree. If you would like to learn how to become a Paralegal in Santa Clara or are just curious to learn more about Paralegal courses and the opportunities that exist, you came to the right place.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are over 1,000 Paralegal Studies Programs in the United States. Approximately 270 of these are approved by the American Bar Association. Although it isn't required that you enroll through an American Bar Association accredited Paralegal Studies Program, it may increase your chances and marketability over other applicants. Our directory is to help you gather vital information on Courses, Trainings and Paralegal certificates in Santa Clara. The free information brochures will provide materials you'll need to jump-start this exciting career as a Paralegal.

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Paralegal Schools near Santa Clara, CA

Liberty University provides a world-class education with a solid Christian foundation, equipping men and women with the values, knowledge, and skills essential for success in every aspect of life.

A liberal arts institution with 16 colleges and schools, Liberty offers programs in fields such as medicine, religion, law, aviation, cinematic arts, psychology, business, and more. Part of the Big South Conference, Liberty fields 20 NCAA Division I athletic teams and 32 Club Sports teams, offering fans an unparalleled college sports experience.


  • Associate of Arts: Paralegal Studies
  • Bachelor of Science: Paralegal Studies
  • Master of Business Administration in American Legal Studies
  • And more...

Recognized by the U.S. News and World Report for: Best Online Programs, Bachelor’s 2017, Best Online Programs, Grad Education 2017 and Best Online Programs, Bachelor’s for Veterans 2017


  • Jurisprudence with concentration in Legal Studies (Bachelor of Science) - Online
  • Legal Studies - Homeland Security (Master of Science) - Online
  • Legal Studies - Law & Public Policy (Master of Science) - Online
  • And more...
Turn your talents into a career. Nationally recognized and accredited Platt College offers degree programs in Graphic Design, Multimedia, IT Networking and Paralegal.


  • Paralegal Studies
Locations:  Riverside

Hofstra University is a private institution whose primary mission is to provide a quality education to its students in an environment that encourages, nurtures and supports learning through the free and open exchange of ideas for the betterment of humankind. Hofstra University is committed to academic freedom and to the transmission, advancement and preservation of knowledge for its own academic community and the community at large.


  • Online Master of Arts in Health Law and Policy
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What is a Paralegal? How to become a Certified Legal Assistants in Santa Clara?

Paralegals are also commonly known as legal assistants. Although they can carry out some tasks as lawyers, they are not allowed to perform duties and responsibilities that are within the scope of practice of law. Therefore, they are not authorized to provide legal advice to clients. Bottom line is Paralegals are interdicted to practice law without obtaining a license.
Most of the major Paralegal job duties in Santa Clara will involve preparing paperwork for trials and hearings, conducting research to assist lawyers, drafting legal documents and writing reports. All work performed by the Paralegals must be under the supervision of an attorney. Paralegals can conduct interviews and maintain general contact with the client. They can also locate and interview witnesses. This profession requires completing an examination for the Certified Legal Assistant (CLA) or a Paralegal Certification given by the National Association of Legal Assistants.

Paralegal Jobs in Santa Clara

Paralegals generally work with attorneys, judges, prosecutors and public defenders. They also work with corporations, banks, consumer organizations, financial companies, accounting firms, real estate agencies, advertising agencies, engineering firms, government agencies and insurance companies. Paralegal may work as freelancers in private practice. Paralegals can also specialize in special areas such as health care, family law, civil litigation, environmental protection, personal injury and criminal law. The Paralegal profession opens many job opportunities for future career growth and advancement.

Paralegal Training, Certificates and Education in Santa Clara, CA.

Most states do not regulate the Paralegal profession or mandate that Paralegals achieve a certain level of education or training. This provides individuals a tremendous amount of flexibility when it comes to entering this rewarding profession. However, attorneys are legally responsible for the Paralegals working under them and essentially vouching for them. This is why having the right Courses, Certificates, and Paralegal Trainings in Santa Clara, can provide a huge advantage over other applicants.

According to the National Federation of Paralegal Associations, one of the respected Paralegal bodies in the United States, claims that about 84% of Paralegals have obtained some form of Paralegal education; that about 50% of them have at least a bachelor's degree, 10% possess either a J.D. or master's degree while the remaining 40% have associate's degrees or on the job experience. The Association, nevertheless, recommends that an aspiring Paralegal should have, as the least qualification, a two-year degree with emphasis on Paralegal studies.

Different Ways to Become a Paralegal in Santa Clara, California

There are five primary ways an individual can become a Paralegal.

The first option is to secure employment with a law firm as a legal secretary and then work your way up to a Paralegal by demonstrating aptitude, motivation and the requisite skills and talents. While this is not the path we would advise one to take if they are seriously interested in becoming a Paralegal, it can and does happen regularly. Never underestimate the power of being in the right place at the right time. Many careers were boosted by the simple fact that they were the only person immediately available to step up when a person who previously occupied the position left for another opportunity.

Another option for prospective Paralegals is to enroll in a comprehensive online or real-world Paralegal studies course. These programs can be completed in a year or less and offer individuals tremendous flexibility, especially those who are seeking to make a career change and must maintain their current working status to pay the bills. Once a student has successfully completed the program and earned a certificate in Paralegal studies, they would then seek out an entry-level position or an internship. It is imperative that an individual pursuing these first two paths simply work to get their foot in the door so that they may acquire the requisite experience for their resume.

The third and likely most efficient and effective way to become a Paralegal is to complete a two-year program at a local community college and acquire your Associate of Arts in Paralegal Studies degree (Info Available). Although it will require an additional year of study it should provide you with a better foundation of knowledge and also make it easier to find your first entry-level position. The fact of the matter is that we are still in a very competitive job market as our nation rebounds from this terrible economy and you need to consider your marketability in comparison to other applicants.

The fourth option for those wishing to be a Paralegal consists of acquiring a traditional four year degree or even a master's degree in Paralegal studies (Info Available). Those possessing a college degree in another field also have the option of acquiring a certificate in Paralegal studies. Frankly, we view bachelor and graduate degree programs in Paralegal studies to be a bit excessive. While there will always be exceptions, we believe an individual who demonstrates a strong work ethic and exhibits exemplary qualities and skills will be better positioned to advance and earn higher salaries.

Finally, college graduates without any Paralegal experience but possessing certain technical, field or industry specific knowledge are sometimes hired by a law firm to fill an expertise void. If you are a college graduate and feel that you possess a degree of competency that may be beneficial to a certain law firm then this may be an option for those seeking to make a career change.

We hope that you take advantage of our Infomation Directory and gather the course materials from multiple sources. That way you can compare and see which one really works best to fit your needs and get started on your new career as a Paralegal.

Paralegal Schools near Santa Clara, CA
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